• We decided to commit our last chance to Zakuro Life

    M(40) H(39) Japan 15/06/2018 IVF Egg Donor

    Tried 6 years 12 other clinics

    1try with Zakuro Life Live Birth

    I couldn’t stop myself from crying before the embryo transfer because I knew I could never have achieved that kind of result with my own eggs.

    I started trying to become pregnant immediately after my marriage at the age of 34, and started infertility treatment at age 35. No reason for infertility could be found in either my husband or myself, so eventually we moved on to in vitro fertilization (with ICSI) and we had done ten rounds by the time I turned 40.

    Although two embryo transfers resulted in positive pregnancy tests, both implantations ended in disappointment, one miscarriage and one chemical pregnancy. In addition to infertility treatment, I worked hard for 5 years to get my body under control, using diet and exercise, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, etc., but gave up on using my own eggs at age 40, when my final frozen embryo transfer was negative. We had discussed the idea of using donor eggs in the past and I started collecting information immediately after that final negative test.

    Of course, at first I was only researching and inquiring with Japanese agents and Japanese websites. However, I was not able to find anyone who I could trust with our last chance, only agents with suspicious preparation methods and unclear treatment costs.

    On a word-of-mouth review site, I learned about Zakuro Life, which provides donor eggs in Malaysia. When I looked in to egg donation several years ago, there was a Thai coordinator at that time who was very famous among Japanese patients and I recognized her name on the Zakuro Life website, so I immediately got in touch with them.

    At first their home page and email replies were in English. As I am not good at English, my heart was broken, however, the person in charge was easy for me to understand and wrote in plain English. Above all, their friendly attitude and sincerity eliminated all the anxiety I had about dealing with them. Just as important, their treatment costs were clear and complete, in fact no additional costs occurred outside the amount originally quoted.

    Unlike other companies who wanted to proceed immediately to the donor selection stage, Zakuro Life took time to listen to our past treatment history and review our test results in detail (I actually sent them all my data). The doctor also checked our documents to advise us if donor eggs would be the most effective treatment. At this point, we decided to commit our last chance to Zakuro Life.

    The donors were Thai and Chinese, but I was comfortable with that because they had the same appearance and skin color to match my own. The donor candidates they gave me were also selected based on my blood type, appearance and chance of conceiving.

    Of course, if I didn’t like the donor choices, it seemed like they had many donor profiles they would have presented for free, but I decided to choose the first donor they recommended, as it was the best fit for me. There were lots of photos and information about the donors, and they also told me all about the donor’s personality and her past results, so my mind was at ease.

    From there, the donor schedule and communication progressed like clockwork, and fresh embryo transfer was completed in Malaysia 3 months after my first inquiry.

    We exchanged over 50 e-mails before the embryo transfer date, and since the e-mail staff, the coordinator and the doctor were always sincere and cooperative when they worked with me, I didn’t have any worries when I left for Malaysia.

    My husband had to return home immediately after his part, so I stayed mostly by myself in Malaysia.
    The coordinator was very supportive, and the doctor and clinic staff were friendly, so I had a very relaxing time.

    And the donor’s egg collection and fertilization result was wonderful, which got as many as 10 top-graded blastocysts. I couldn’t stop myself from crying before the embryo transfer because I knew I could never have achieved that kind of result with my own eggs.

Thanks to the support of the coordinator, it was a smooth process from the time of embryo transfer until the time I returned home.

    I got a positive pregnancy test result, and I am now safely continuing my pregnancy without any problems. I was really surprised because I never thought that I could get pregnant by the first transfer, based on my previous treatment history. Of course I still have to be cautious until I give birth safely, but for now I am grateful to have been given this opportunity for happiness.

    Zakuro Life also gave me additional support after my pregnancy test was confirmed by looking at the results of my pregnancy check-up exams and giving me advice on diet and how to control morning sickness.

    Since I did not tell my family and friends about my treatment since I decided to use donor eggs, my husband and the staff at Zakuro Life were my only support for this process. I am truly grateful to Zakuro Life and the donor who helped me make this baby currently growing in my belly.

    I sincerely hope that any couple who have trouble conceiving, like my husband and I, will come here and take the opportunity to have their dreams come true.