• Egg Donor Preparation

    Egg donation helps many women who are unsuccessful with IVF using their own eggs.

    Good donor preparation makes healthy, high quality and fertile eggs that give you a better chance to become pregnant.

    If you have failed IVF before or a doctor has said you can not become pregnant using your own eggs, Zakuro Life can prepare everything you need for IVF treatment with donor eggs in Malaysia.

    Reasons to use donor eggs

    • Your own eggs do not fertilize or implant
    • Low egg quality
    • Poor eggs due to age
    • Premature menopause
    • Low AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone)
    • Diminished ovarian reserve
    • Damaged ovaries from chemotherapy
    • Surgically removed ovaries
    • Inactive ovaries
    • Turner’s syndrome
    • Resistant Ovarian Syndrome

    IVF with donor eggs is easy and less stressful on your body.

    Even if you are past the age to become pregnant with your own eggs, your uterus can still accept a healthy embryo from a young donor egg.

    The Zakuro Life egg donation process

    Choose a donor.

    We sync your menstrual cycles.

    The donor stimulates her ovaries.

    We prepare your uterus lining.

    The doctor collects and fertilizes the eggs them with your partner’s sperm.

    The eggs become embryos.

    Your lining becomes thick enough for embryo transfer.

    The doctor transfers the embryo to your uterus.

    The best donor preparation

    Zakuro Life has many years of experience with egg donor preparation. Our careful planning gives you reliable donor egg quality with high IVF success rates.

    Each donation is fresh. We never use frozen eggs from egg banks.

    Blood test

    Every donor must pass a blood test from an independent lab before they donate.

    We test HIV with the most accurate HIV test currently available.


    Egg donor screening also includes

    • Physical exam
    • Ultrasound scan
    • Hereditary disease review
    • Background check
    • Drug, alcohol and tobacco tests

    Egg donor preparation with Zakuro Life

    We monitor every step of the egg donation process to keep you on schedule with the donor.

    Donors are by direct recommendation only and screened before confirming your IVF timeline.

    Our donor backup plan can fix any problem quickly so your treatment can continue.

    Zakuro Life egg donor preparation is made to give you the best chance at pregnancy.