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    Infertility is scary, uncertain and unfair. You want to have a child, but it is hard without help.

    Zakuro Life makes fertility treatment easy. We research, plan and arrange the IVF process for you, so you have a better chance to become pregnant.

    Reduce the stress of infertility and get the help you need to be successful. Let Zakuro Life guide you on your journey to pregnancy.

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    I couldn’t stop myself from crying before the embryo transfer because I knew I could never have achieved that kind of result with my own eggs.

    M(40) H(39) Japan


    Zakuro Life helps couples from all over the world have successful fertility treatment in Malaysia. Our knowledge and experience preparing IVF cycles with donor eggs can work for you, too.

    We understand the IVF process. The best results need the right plan, a stable lab with a dedicated embryologist and a skilled doctor.

    Take control of your infertility with our network of IVF clinics, hospitals and medical teams.


    Zakuro Life works for people just like you.

    If you have tried multiple IVF cycles without a positive result, suffer from repeated miscarriage or are unable to produce quality embryos with your own eggs, IVF with donor eggs may be your best option.

    Zakuro Life is known in Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong as the most reliable coordinator for IVF treatment using egg donors.

    Our high standard of patient care has made many couples pregnant, even after failing IVF cycles in their own country.


    Zakuro Life has complete infertility treatment packages for IVF, ICSI and egg donor preparation.

    You get the right medicine, a skilled doctor, expert embryologist and the individual attention you need for the highest IVF success rate.

    IVF with donor eggs is often your best option to become pregnant.

    The IVF Process

    Choose a donor.

    A timeline will be made to prepare you for the IVF process.

    The donor stimulates her ovaries to produce eggs.

    We use medication to prepare your uterus lining.

    The doctor collects the eggs and fertilizes them with your partner’s sperm.

    The eggs become embryos.

    The embryo is carefully developed and placed in your uterus.

    Have a pregnancy test two weeks after the embryo transfer.


    ICSI is an additional IVF procedure that can increase your embryo fertilization rate by injecting a single sperm into each egg.

    Donor Eggs

    Zakuro Life has the most reliable egg donor service in Asia. Our careful donor preparation gives you healthy, high quality and fertile eggs.

    Zakuro Life carefully screens each donor above international standards with independent blood tests, personal interviews and medical history analysis.


    pregnancy rate for IVF with donor eggs using Zakuro Life preparation.


    Freezing is also available for sperm samples and remaining embryos.


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